Our tailored service includes a personal consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities from which we can develop a bespoke project plan with timelines and schedules.

Our Services

Regulatory Matters

Complying with regulations is an essential aspect for all modern businesses, our aim is to help make this an integral part of your business.

Employment Law

Employment compliance presents many challenges for smaller businesses as laws are ever changing and the risk of non-compliance can be far-reaching.

Data Protection

The increasing obligations of the GDPR (now embodied in the Data Protection Act 2018) mean that non-compliance can be costly.

Recruitment & Induction

Successful employee recruitment relies on convincing attraction strategies and innovative solutions to attract and retain talent.

Diversity & Inclusion

As accredited BS76005 trainers, we recognise the significance and benefit of workable Diversity & Inclusion programmes for business.

HR Processes

We are skilled in establishing suitable HR strategies for many types of organisations whether in healthcare, retail or professional services.