Our Approach

Our tailored service includes a personal consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities from which we can develop a bespoke project plan with timelines and schedules. We also offer quality process and policy drafting, training you and your staff to ensure effective implementation which enhances your culture as a positive place to work and promotes your organisation as trustworthy and secure.

Regulatory Matters

Complying with regulations is an essential aspect for all modern businesses whether in connection with staff, customer service or external mandatory regulation. Our aim is to help make this an integral part of your business and our solutions are tailored towards your particular organisation. We are experienced in working with highly regulated businesses to include dentists, pharmacists, opticians, schools, financial services, estate agents, hospitality, wholesalers, local government and not-for-profit enterprises. Here are some of the areas where we have helped our clients:-

  • conducting gap analysis and audits for dental and orthodontic practices with regard to external inspections;
  • policy drafting and staff awareness training in terms of health and safety, data protection and complaints handling;
  • risk monitoring and evaluation in terms of social media for business, developing bespoke policies and training for businesses


Employment Law

Employment compliance presents many challenges for smaller businesses as laws are ever changing and the risk of non-compliance can be far-reaching. We strongly advocate the development of appropriate HR strategies aligned to the overall business objectives and embodied in appropriate policies, procedures and training. We will work with your business to learn about your goals and develop compliant policies and processes for staff employment from the outset. We are happy to review your existing documentation and provide bespoke legal advice for integration in your every-day operations. Some of our work to date includes contracts/handbook drafting and review, dispute resolution procedures for your business and change management training.


Data Protection

We strongly believe that data protection is about building trust between people and the organisations who process their personal data. The increasing obligations of the GDPR (now embodied in the Data Protection Act 2018) mean that non-compliance can be costly both professionally and financially. We have assisted several organisations with their compliance programmes from conducting audits to developing tailored programmes for implementation and staff awareness training. Our particular experience in the dental industry means that we can provide outsourced DPO services which enables practices to access our specialist advice.


Recruitment, Induction and Employee Retention

For us successful employee recruitment relies on convincing attraction strategies and innovative solutions to attract and retain top talent. We have worked with multiple stakeholders in this area to develop recruitment initiatives like apprenticeship programmes and flexible working initiatives. We ensure that these are aligned to an appropriate onboarding procedure incorporating suitable induction programmes benefitting employer and employee alike.


Diversity & Inclusion

As accredited BS76005 trainers, we recognise the significance and benefit of workable Diversity & Inclusion programmes for business. We can assist you to develop a compelling strategy that not only addresses legal compliance but goes beyond by contributing to employee well-being and engagement, supporting sustainability through the diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working.


Management & HR Processes

We are skilled in establishing suitable HR strategies for many types of organisations whether in healthcare, retail, professional services or not for profit enterprises. Through our partner programme we offer HR management software at a reasonable cost, depending on the size of your business. Contact us to avail of a no obligation trial and see how this can positively impact on your management processes, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.